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Young Hands Holding Old Hands


The Full Story

Our founder, Tara Jenkins MT-BC, has always been passionate about the importance of utilizing music with older adults. She is dedicated to supporting caregivers, professionals, and students on how to engage in meaningful music experiences on a daily basis.


Tara believes in the importance of accessing quality, creative and meaningful music experiences. 

Harmony in Dementia was born from this belief and we pride ourselves on:


  • Advocating for the importance of music accessibility and education for caregivers and professionals

  • Participating in creative musical caregiving experiences

  • Delivering personalized care and support

  • Designing workshops for individualized needs and preferences

  • Sharing tips, tools, and resources to meaningfully engage people living with dementia


What distinguishes Harmony in Dementia is our person-centered care approach. We believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect, developing individualized care to meet the dynamic needs of those we serve, getting to know each person’s interests and preferences, encouraging in the moment connections, building meaningful relationships, and providing a safe and supportive environment for those we serve.

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