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Customized to Your Unique Needs and Interests

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Music Wellness Workshops

Here at Harmony in Dementia, we believe that workshops should not be “one size fits all.” We strive to design a workshop that will support your team and the people you care for. All of our workshops are experience and research-based. Our main goal is to utilize music to meaningfully engage employees, professionals, caregivers, students, and those living with dementia.

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Music Consultation Services

Our consultation services provide individualized support to make the most of your music experiences. Here are some examples on

how we can help.

  • Assist with music listening programs

  • Design efficient music preference documentation

  • Create music preference playlists for people living with dementia and their caregivers

  • Strategize how best to utilize volunteer musicians

  • Develop a music therapy program

  • Provide caregiver support on how to incorporate music into their daily care routine

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Music Therapy Services

Musical Memories 

Music therapy groups for older adults with a multi-sensory approach to maximize participation. All groups utilize singing, moving, listening, and playing activities to support preferences within the group.

Together In Harmony 

Personalized individual music therapy for older adults. These sessions focus on the client’s needs, interests, and music preferences and can be customized in a variety of ways. All sessions will incorporate a multi-sensory approach based on what the individual connects with the most.

All services have the option to be in person or virtual depending on the client's needs and location. 

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