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What They’re Saying

Since starting our private practice in 2014, we’ve grown and strengthened our programs to meet the unique needs and interests of our clients, offering quality music wellness and music therapy services. We’re proud of how we have expanded our business to help support caregivers and professionals. Read some of their testimonials below and get in touch today for your

FREE 15 minute consultation.

Playing Guitar

Brenda, Activities Director

"Tara's time with the residents of our community is simply incredible. She enters a room, armed only with a music stand, her guitar and her voice, and the room COMES ALIVE. Anyone in our profession knows how challenging it can be to reach residents of a nursing home, in late stages of varying dementia's, but Tara does just that, REACHES them. Seeing the response she gets puts a smile

in my heart every time."

Jim, Director at JCA Misler Day Center

"I am happy to highly recommend Tara as a music therapist and presenter to any group challenged by cognitive impairment and/or communication issues. Tara has fantastic energy. More importantly, she is incredibly engaging to the participants of the

Misler Adult Day Center. Rarely do I observe a whole room of folks with serious cognitive and physical challenges

not only paying attention, but highly engaged. Tara is a talented musician with a great sense of how to help others

communicate with music and have a wonderful time doing so." 

Melody B Chatelle
Chatelle and Associates

"Tara is amazing in her ability to connect with my family member who has memory loss, and to help him feel safe and to help him find joy via his love of music."

Leah, Program Director at Friends Club

"Tara has been a great addition to our program at Friends Club. From the moment Tara walks through our doors, she is friendly and professional. The programs she has developed are not only appropriate for our members, they are engaging, interactive, informative, and enjoyable. Music is an effective means of evoking memories and positive emotions for people with dementia,

and Tara’s services deliver that beautifully." 

Karen Millier, CTRS, CDP

Manager, JCA Kensington Club

"Tara provides Music Therapy in a fun, therapeutic, and relaxed manner which allows members and participants of all ages and abilities a time for reminiscing and enjoyment."

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