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Workshop Topics

Harmony in Dementia offers music workshops, education, and training to professionals, caregivers, companies, and organizations.  


All workshops are designed to meet the needs and interests of your audience. You can choose from one of our suggested topics or work with us to customize a topic for your specific audience.

Music and Self-Care for Caregivers

This is for anyone who identifies as a caregiver. Caregivers often dedicate the majority of their time and energy to caring for someone else. This workshop will focus on how caregivers can care for themselves and participants will


  • Understand the benefits of health and music

  • Identify the categories of self-care

  • Receive ​practical​ ​skills to utilize music during self-care​ activities​.

This workshop can also be adapted for professionals in the dementia care community. It will provide examples of how professionals can create self-care moments during their workday. 


How to Meaningfully Use Music with Someone Living with Dementia

This is for anyone who is caring for someone living with dementia. Whether you are a professional, family member, or friend when you help support a person living with dementia you try to find opportunities for connection throughout their day.   

This workshop will share practical tips and resources on how to best use music with someone living with dementia. Participants will

  • Learn why music is beneficial for older adults 

  • Be able to help identify music preferences

  • Understand how to set up a comfortable environment for music experiences

  • engage in a meaningful music experience with someone living with dementia.


How Music Therapy Can Benefit Older Adults Living with Dementia

This workshop is for professionals in the dementia care community. It will provide professionals with a greater understanding of music therapy and how it can benefit clients living with dementia. Participants will

  • Define music therapy 

  • Learn who can benefit from services

  • Recognize the differences between music therapy and non-music therapy services

  • Understand how music therapy benefits older adults living with dementia

  • Identify music therapy payment options for clients


How to Utilize Music During the Holidays

This workshop is foe anyone who is caring for someone living with dementia. The holidays can be an overwhelming and hectic time of year, especially for people living with dementia. This workshop will highlight how to incorporate music during the holidays by creating meaningful experiences with family and friends and providing a comfortable and calm space for someone living with dementia. 

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